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FEEPAYR is specially designed for educational campuses like schools and colleges. Its an online fee collection platform integrated with multiple payment gateways, banks, and digital wallets. Students / Parents can pay fees online from anytime anywhere.

Fee paid by the student directly get deposited in the institute's bank account. Each stakeholder - management, staff, students & parents gets secured login.

How does FEEPAYR ease the process of Fee Collection in Schools or Colleges?

FEEPAYR is an easy to use fees collection interface for schools and colleges. We make collecting fees hassle-free. Use FEEPAYR to start online fee payment.

Know the steps:

  • Click on Register Your Institute button to register your School / College on Feepayr portal free of cost.
  • Our existing ERP user can transfer student and fees details to cloud on a click.
  • If you don't use ERP, upload course, student & fees details using Excel or enter data online.
  • Mobile number of student is the user name for student log in.
  • Now students can pay fees online using Debit Card, Credit Card and Net banking facilities through Online Portal or App.
  • Institute gets instant update of fees collected.
  • As per GOI, money is transferred by Gateway to Institute's bank account in 24 hours.
online fees collection
online fees collection

How can a parent pay fees online using Feepayr?

It is easy! Know how:

  • Parents/students can log in through the portal and check the outstanding amount to be paid.
  • Fee demands created or modified by the institute displays on the parent's dashboard.
  • Parents and students can proceed to pay online using debit card, credit card or net banking facilities. They also have the option to pay in installments or the total amount.

Advantages to School/ College Management

  • Receive correct and on time printable fees e-receipts thus reducing on stationery cost.
  • As no fee counters are required, cash handling is minimal.
  • No need of High Cost Servers, UPS, computers, printers and networking for fees collection. It saves on infrastructure cost.
  • No long queues at cash/ bank counters.
  • Institute can track and manage paid/ outstanding fees easily.
  • Management has full control over the entire process of Fees Collection.
online fees collection
online fees collection

Advantages to School / College Staff

  • Easy and convenient. Upload fee demands on portal once a year. Ready reports at day's end.
  • Office staff is free from daily fees collection procedures like Receipt printing, cash counting & matching; preparing fees summary reports, depositing cash in bank and maintaining various records.
  • All important daily reports get generated automatically on Portal at day's end. Staff receives email notification of the same.
  • Staff can also generate necessary reports like Daily collection register, cash book-wise fees collection register, course-wise fees collection register, daily & monthly summary reports on a day to day basis.
  • Since student enters detailed information online; it is accurate and ready to use for institute with little proofreading.
  • Staff is spared from entering data or scanning work. Saves significant time.

Advantages to Students & Parents

  • Each student gets a secured log in.
  • Student / Parents can check fee dues, paid fees & print receipts online using FEEPAYR.
  • Fee dues are known well in advance so parents can plan funds accordingly.
  • Option to pay fees in installments.
  • Generate or print e-receipt using FEEPAYR.
  • Student's day is saved. No need to stand in long queues for hours.
  • No need to show fees paid receipt to college staff for enrollment / ID card printing.
  • Student is assured of fees being directly deposited in Institute's bank account.
  • Student can fill admission form online, upload photo and signature, scan copy of original documents; and can update complete information end number of times.
online fees collection
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